Media Production.

Outstanding visual content.

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Content that delivers.

We believe that how your business presents itself is critical. The quality of your visual content matters because often it is the first thing that people see; be it on your website, on social media campaigns, even on business cards and exhibition stands.

Through a range of media production solutions, including videography, photography, aerial (drone) services and 360 virtual tours, we work closely with you to produce compelling and innovative content.

Video Production.

Octave helps brands tell their stories with digital film content that engages, educates and activates audiences.

Online videos speak to the customer more powerfully when they tell a story. Being able to connect with your customer on an emotional level, creating engaging content that ultimately entertains, is key to earning your customers trust and attention.

By 2022, 82% of global internet traffic will come from streaming videos online. Now that’s a lot of video content… If you haven’t already invested in video for your brand, now is the time.


Image takers, image-makers
No matter what industry you’re in, your image is extremely important. The visuals used in your marketing and branding initiatives, including paid advertising, social media and on your website, should trigger confidence to prospective clients or customers.

At Octave, we offer professional photography on location throughout the U.K. to help businesses showcase their offerings. Best of all for you, using Octave means your photographs will tie in perfectly with any online marketing strategy or website we already manage.

Take a walk on the virtual side.

There’s a new type of VR tour available that places the consumer at the centre of your business in a more sophisticated way. Octave offers high-quality virtual tours that bring every interior area to life with light, colour, and clarity.

For the first time, customers can visualise the table they would want to sit at in your restaurant or genuinely get a sense of the atmosphere in your hotel.

Prospective homebuyers may wander through each room and take a stroll in the garden. Wedding venues may now display the full event — couples can even ‘walk’ down the aisle with this cutting-edge technology.

Revolutionising Virtual Exploration with Matterport Tours.

Our sophisticated Matterport tours are a far cry from traditional camera rotations from a fixed location.

Online visitors can walk wherever they choose, moving fluidly through virtual places, ascending staircases, and even peering inside your structure in 3D with the roof removed, much like a doll’s home.

Experience our virtual tours for yourself.

Aerial Photography.

The sky is no longer the limit
With leaps forward in UAV technology, it is now easier than ever to achieve stunning aerial photography and video without the need for hiring a costly crane or helicopter.

At Octave, we use the latest drone tech to help our clients produce high-quality aerial imagery on a budget.

We work within a range of industries, from educational institutions, estates and hotels that are interested in having aerial stills or film created to highlight or inspect/survey their properties, to film and production companies who need to quickly and affordably make 4K aerial footage. We can usually deploy within 10-30 mins of arriving on site.

If you’re interested in aerial services, please get in touch.

Creativity through photography and videography.

Every media production service is tailor-made to each business. We help your brand’s individuality to shine. Learn more about our range of solutions below.


We produce visually striking photography that embodies your unique business or product. We work with you to convey how you want your business to be seen, as well as ensuring that it represents, in a single glance, the quality that your business represents.


Every successful video is based on vital messaging. We will collaborate with you to determine the main narrative and create a storyboard to artistically define your project, ensuring that all ‘must-have’ aspects are included.

Drone & Virtual Tours.

Through drone footage and a specialised 360 camera we can produce high-quality, fly/walkthroughs that show off your space indoors and outdoors, bringing new business right to your door.

Proud to work with...

We take immense pride in our exceptional roster of clients who share our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Here are just a few businesses we've assisted in creating a significant impact on the web.

Proud to work with...

We take immense pride in our exceptional roster of clients who share our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Here are just a few businesses we've assisted in creating a significant impact on the web.

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Web design FAQ's

Below are the most frequently asked questions we are asked about web design.


How much does it cost to build a website?

Octave Agency offers flexible pricing for web design services, making it an ideal choice for smaller businesses and startups. Our WordPress website design packages start at £700 + VAT, providing an affordable entry point for those beginning their online journey. The overall cost depends on project specifics, such as website complexity and desired features. To receive a personalised quote tailored to your needs, we encourage you to contact our team. Octave Agency is committed to transparency, collaboration, and delivering cost-effective solutions that suit both your goals and budget. Get in touch today at [email protected] to discuss your web design project.

How long does it take to build a website?

In a similar way to the pricing question, timescales can vary depending on variables such as; the size and complexity of the project, availability of content and the urgency and deadlines you have. We do however find, that the majority of our projects take between 4-6 weeks from start to finish. We will always help to guide you through the process and if you are struggling on certain parts, such as content, we can always jump in to help.

Where is Octave Agency based?

We have a lovely converted barn on the Oxfordshire/ Northamptonshire border, kitted out with all the latest tech and high-speed broadband. We love to work with businesses local to us but just as much we love working with people and businesses from across the globe! It’s true…. We have clients as close as across the courtyard from the Barn to New Zealand, Sweden, USA and dozens of clients across the whole of the UK. In a world that is now so used to using the likes of Zoom and Skype etc, we find it as easy to run a project across continents as in the next building.

Will I be able to update the website?

Absolutely. Once the website is complete and live, you will have access to the site to update, add and remove content such as text, images and video. The website will be built on WordPress which is the world's most popular content-managed system (CMS) and is simple to use for these purposes. We do recommend that if you are unsure of how to make changes or have more complex changes, then you get in touch with us as we can either teach you how to make them or we can carry them out on your behalf based on an hourly rate of £50+VAT.

Can you maintain our website?

Yes. Either in conjunction with you or completely on your behalf. Many of our clients have monthly or annual maintenance contracts where we carry out essential maintenance on their behalf as well as regular updates to the content and features on the website. We always say that going live on a new website is only the beginning of the journey and a good website should grow and evolve. This will also help when it comes to SEO as the likes of Google like to see new engaging content on a website showing it’s relevant. Contact us to find out the options.

Do you provide a website hosting service?

Yes, we offer packages to host websites through our trusted third-party hosting providers. Most of our clients opt to do this so they don’t have to worry in the unlikely event that the website goes down. However, we can also recommend hosting providers if you wish to host the website yourselves or elsewhere and we’ll help to migrate the website to your chosen provider on launch within the project price.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

100%. Every website we build is always developed to work across mobile devices of all sizes and browsers as standard.

Is SEO included in my website project?

Not as such. Each project will have a minimum standard for SEO in the build where we will ensure all the key setup is done to launch the website. However, SEO is not a one-off service with a project but is an ongoing service to ensure that your website keeps up and stays ahead of the competition. We offer monthly packages for this and work with many clients in this way to deliver results for their businesses from their websites.

How do we get started?

The best thing to do is to get in touch with us to discuss your project and we will guide you through the process from there. We have systems and processes that we have worked on and developed over many years that help projects run smoothly for both us and your company so we can launch your website with the minimum disruption to your business promptly. So get in touch today to discuss your next project with us.

Email: [email protected]

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