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Sleek, straightforward, and designed for effective lead conversion. Octave Agency excels as an expert in crafting brochure website designs.

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Beautiful brochure websites built to perform.

Boasting over a decade of experience in the web design industry, Octave Agency has constructed hundreds of brochure websites across various sectors. Our proven process ensures optimal results, a key reason why our clients appreciate our brochure website design services.

Recognising your website as the primary marketing tool and often the initial point of contact for customers, we strategically build all our WordPress websites with techniques aimed at achieving maximum lead conversion.

Brochure Website Design

Want to grow your business digitally?

From Pixels to Perfection.

Each design is uniquely crafted to suit the specific needs of every business. We strive to showcase and enhance the individuality of your brand. Explore some of our recent projects below.


Full brand and website creation for the UK's No.1 online glasses reglazing specialists.

Graphic Design, Media Production, Web Design, Web Development

Business Continuity Training web design

BC Training

Bespoke web design and dev for BC Training, a global award-winning training provider.

Web Design, Web Development

snapcell web design


Modern SAAS website creation and media suite for international automotive software experts, Snapcell.

Graphic Design, Media Production, Web Design, Web Development

The Green Program

Revitalising the website for The Green Program, dedicated to sustainability education.

Graphic Design, Media Production, Web Design, Web Development

Brochure web design on mobile

What is a brochure website and is it right for my business?

A brochure website serves as a platform solely for showcasing services and information, allowing users to promptly make inquiries without advanced functionalities like e-commerce or login portals. It is designed purely for information display.

Determining whether a brochure website or a more advanced setup suits your business is entirely dependent on your specific needs. If uncertain, we can assist you in identifying the optimal solution.

Explore our WordPress website design packages for detailed information on our pricing.

Beautiful brochure website design.

We invest significant effort in staying current with the latest trends in brochure website design, all while ensuring the websites we create are performance-driven for SEO. This dual focus ensures that, as we enhance your visual appeal, we also optimise your visibility, increasing the likelihood of reaching your audience and converting leads into paying customers.

Explore our recent projects to witness how we’ve assisted businesses in transforming their digital presence.

Brochure website design on multiple devices
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Working with you to help you grow your business.

We take pleasure in establishing enduring relationships with our clients, providing ongoing support as they grow, and ensuring that the brochure website consistently enhances their business.

In the dynamic landscape of web design, new technologies and styles continually expand opportunities for businesses online.

Contact us to explore whether a brochure website design package is the right fit for your needs.

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User Focused.

Our designs put your visitors at the centre, giving them the best experience possible and created specifically for their needs. We ensure your customers have a great time using your new website.


We know that your website needs to perform for a range of users and we put accessibilty at the forefront of our design and development.

Modern Interface Design.

Contemporary design is at the core of every ones of our projects. We really enjoy getting creative with typography, colour palettes, layouts and iconography, and it shows in our work.

Mobile led designs.

Living in a world where more than 50% of searches are now on a mobile device, we ensure all our WordPress websites are fully optimised across all modern mobile devises.

Built for all browsers.

The likes of Google, Microsoft and Apple control the browsers we all use on a daily basis. At Octave Agency, we build all WordPress websites to work perfectly in all browsers on any size screen, ensuring your audience always see the best of you.


Our design team are constantly researching what’s on-trend in design, both in web and in the wider design world. Bringing these trends and new ideas to your website keep you current.

Proud to work with...

We take immense pride in our exceptional roster of clients who share our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Here are just a few businesses we've assisted in creating a significant impact on the web.

Proud to work with...

We take immense pride in our exceptional roster of clients who share our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Here are just a few businesses we've assisted in creating a significant impact on the web.

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