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Web Design & Development for Cirrus.

We’ve collaborated with Cirrus across a spectrum of services, including the conception and enhancement of their latest website, SEO optimisation, and logo design. The innovative design and development brought a sense of clarity for their users and a modern edge, distinguishing them from competitors. We hope you’ll value this project as much as we enjoyed bringing it to life!

Services provided

Website Design
Website Development

The complete website design package.

Collaborating with Cirrus to create a standout website that not only showcases impressive visual appeal but also outperforms competitors is a point of pride for us. Our continuous monthly partnership with Cirrus plays a crucial role in digitally expanding their business, ensuring sustained growth.

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Services provided.

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Web design & development.

By utilizing our website design and development services, we supported Cirrus in establishing a modern and professional online presence that genuinely mirrors its brand identity.

The development of a user-friendly website, showcasing their products and services, not only elevated Cirrus’ website traffic but also resulted in increased sales and the generation of valuable leads. This strategic approach played a crucial role in establishing and reinforcing their brand presence.


Our SEO services played a crucial role in boosting Cirrus’ search engine ranking and attracting a greater volume of organic traffic to their website. By conducting thorough keyword research and applying on-page optimisation techniques, we strategically positioned Cirrus on the first page of search results for relevant queries. This deliberate move significantly improved their website’s visibility, leading to a notable increase in leads for their business.


Our brand redesign services played a pivotal role in rejuvenating Cirrus’ brand identity, establishing a more cohesive and easily recognisable brand image. By crafting a new logo, implementing a refined colour scheme, and creating comprehensive brand guidelines, we aided Cirrus in conveying its brand values and personality more effectively. This strategic redesign significantly contributed to the heightened brand awareness and recognition within their target audience. Get in touch today and we’d love to get our thinking caps on to create custom brand guidelines for you.
lensology web design in a laptop screen

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