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Create breathtaking aerial photos and videos with our range of drone video services.

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drone video services

Discover a new perspective with aerial video and photography.

With leaps forward in UAV technology, it is now easier than ever to achieve stunning aerial photography and video without the need for hiring a costly crane or helicopter.

At Octave, we use the latest drone tech to help our clients produce high-quality aerial imagery on a budget.

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Aerial Video Production.

We can capture stunning aerial video in up to 4K HD at 60fps, with unmatched image stability all the way up to 300ft giving you a world of possibilities to work in. On top of that, we also have the ability to stream live video from the aircraft directly to YouTube and other online video platforms to allow live coverage of activities or events.

As part of our drone services, we can provide either full unedited video content or we can deliver a complete, fully tailored video to your requirements ready to upload to your website or publish in your chosen format.

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The sky is the limit.

We provide numerous services to a range of industries, from educational institutions, estates and hotels that are interested in having aerial stills or film created to highlight or inspect/survey their properties, to film and production companies who need to quickly and affordably make 4K aerial footage.

We can usually deploy within 10-30 mins of arriving on site.

Aerial photography & video.

We can provide dynamic photography and video from up to 300ft (120m) high in crystal clear 12 megapixel images without the cost of capturing content from a helicopter or plane.

We can provide content in RAW format depending on your preference and can deliver this the same day.

Aerial & Virtual Tours.

Through drone footage and a specialised 360 camera, we can produce high-quality, fly/walkthroughs that show off your space indoors and outdoors in a completely new way.

Not only are our aerial & virtual tours engaging and interactive they will help to bring new business right to your door.

Aerial content editing.

Using the latest editing software, we provide quality, tailored post production services.

Conducting post-production services in-house helps us minimise the lead time of final delivery, but also helps us ensure you are completely satisfied with your end products.

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